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Four key questions

Key takeaways are short key lessons from Youtube videos. Our community of creators  create these helpful key takeaways. With key takeaways you can skip 68% of Youtube “noise” and go straight to the most relevant information. How convenient is that.

That’s easy. You save 3x time. How? As member you can 

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“As member you never lose track of whats important to you”

And.. your can invite new members, join group discussions and many more. 

  • There are – new videos every day
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  • You gain Knowledge and – knowledge means power 

Power to improve your life.  And this now is possible with you saving time.

“And when you want to better your life, spending your time efficiently is key”

  • Youtube is free – so it doesn’t make sense for you to pay.
  • We believe – learning should be for everyone – not only for those who can afford to pay monthly subscriptions.
  • We believe we found a win-win for everyone.  You will see relevant and meaningful  products, relevant advertisements. All  so you can enjoy a forever free member account.

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I used to watch a lot of videos on Youtube. It is hard to keep track of what’s is important, let alone remember videos you watched a long time ago. Youtubes Playlists become unorganized fast. 


I love that you can bookmark important videos and create your own folders. Now I make sure I watch those videos on a regular basis. It helped improve my life. 


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Summery Member Benefits

psst - it's forever free -

- Bookmark -

for future reference

- Organize -

for an even better overview

- Rate & comment -

so our creator community can improve

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