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Four key questions

Key takeaways are short key lessons from Youtube videos. As  creator everybody can create these helpful lessons. With key takeaways you can skip 68% of Youtube “noise” and go straight to the most relevant information. How convenient is that.

There is so much good information on Youtube. And therefor no need to start over. That’s why 90% of our videos are created by Youtubers. All who we admire very much and support with the utmost respect.

Youtube videos are public and not downloaded or edited. So no copyright infringement

  • Youtube is cluttered and it’s  impossible to navigate in a clever and time efficient way.
  • We only allow videos that fit the main purpose of this site
  • On our site you can properly bookmark individual videos, search within playlist or only watch the relevant parts of videos

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That’s easy. You save 3x time. How?

  • Our Key takeaway videos are categorized in a straightforward manner.
  • With key takeaways, you only have to watch the relevant parts.
  • You can search within all the key takeaways. So it’s efficient and easy to find what is relevant to you.

So 3x huge time savers.

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About us should be about You

Mission – “Become happy, healthy and wealthy” –

We, you and our creators – all – want to improve our life, health, love, happiness, relationships, fight insecurities, become interesting, become book smart, improve our career or even become a spiritual being.

Now we all can do this together

Meet your Guides

Human nature is about emotional connection and respect.  Jeannette is used to listening and connecting to her patients. Within our team she brings this experience to the next level. The need she feels as a mother of five in helping her family improve their lives is the starting point of the key takeaways movement.

Jeannette Belonje

Initiator of the key takeaways movement, mother of five and oral hygienist

Pyke loves learning from and listening to people. He has no problem leaving his own thoughts and believes behind and gain more enriched insights. He is the technical guide behind our platforms.

Pyke van Dieren

Technical engine of the key takeaways movement. Philanthropic entrepreneur and father of five.

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Our values

Be objective

Can you keep your head cool and remain calm when someone opposes your strong beliefs? Staying objective is a true art that you can master. Can you see what others can not?

Listen more

There is a reason people have two ears and only one mouth. Unfortunately many people seem to forget this simple fact.

Be respectful

Let’s leave gender discussions, ethnicity, (w) supremacy and politics out. This only prevents people from having honest and true human connections.