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About us should be about you



Fighting (overcoming) insecurity is the highest achievable goal in life. When you are insecure: there is no love, no happiness, no friendship, no health, no wealth.


You shine

The shows are not about us, but about you. What you have to share with this world will empower the people listening.


Follow a plan

Just fooling around in life is fun. But you want more and know the sacrifices you have to make. Join us.

Can you help people fight insecurity

We love to meet and have you on our show

Five key questions

What are Key takeaways?

Key takeaways are short key lessons from Youtube videos. By signing up at our partner website keytakeawaycreators  everybody can create these key takeaways. with key takeaways you can skip 50% of Youtube “noise” and go straight to the most relevant information.

Why so many videos of Youtubers?

There is already so much information on Youtube. So why start over again? That’s why 90% of our videos are created by Youtube creators. All who we admire very much and support with the utmost respect.

All these Youtube videos are all public and will not be downloaded or edited by us. So there is not copywrite infringement.

However as our platform grows there will be more and more own shows or originals. These shows and originals will cover subjects differently and there will be a clear distinction with the standard Youtube Videos.

Do you have nice ideas. Please let us know.

Why can I just not simply watch videos on Youtube?

Nothing will keep you from doing this. What we experienced however, is that Youtube is cluttered and it’s nearly impossible to navigate in a clever and time efficient way. We simply don’t have this time. Yes you can create lot’s of Playlists at Youtube, but it’s not possible to proper categorize/bookmark individual videos, search within playlist or only watch the relevant parts of videos.

With our platform and key takeaways all of this is possible.

We also have more or better yet, higher ethical standards and only place/ allow videos that fit the main purpose of this site: Fight Insecurity. If you dig this you only need to visit our platform

When you have ideas. Let us know.

So what is the benefit of your site?

That’s easy. You save time. Why?

  • Our Key takeaway videos are categorized in a straightforward manner and contain meaningful tags. .
  • As every video has key takeaways, you only have to watch the relevant parts.
  • In our next release you can also search within all the key takeaways. That way it will even be more efficient and easy to find what is relevant to you.

When you have new ideas. Please let us know.

Great. I fully support what you guys are doing. Can I help?

Of course, sign up for our partner website: keytakeawaycreators

Our Mission equals Your Life's Goal?

Yes we originated in the Netherlands. But it’s our mission to provide people around the world a platform that help fight their insecurity. The first and most important step is always surrounding yourself with a positive and supportive environment. All our videos and shows will have this impact. We always love to talk to interesting people and with an angle of fighting insecurity.

Our Team


Pyke van Dieren

Apprentice of life

Pyke loves listening to interesting people and loves learning form them. He has no problem leaving his previous thoughts and believes behind and gain more enriched insights.


Mark Doodeman

Behind the scenes guy

Mark is one of those seemingly gifted talents. He loves movies and everything that has to do with storytelling. Capturing human conversations is right up in his alley.


Jeannette Belonje

Rain maker

Human conversation is all about emotional connection and respect. Woman are by nature gifted in making these types of connections. And thus Jeannette,  who is used to listening to her patients as a oral hygienist, serves as our communication backbone. Within our team she brings this experience and her woman’s touch (to play the “gender role” card) to the next level.

Our Values

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Be respectful

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